January 2008: Preliminary image selection. Implementation outline development. [Complete]

March 2008: Call for final additional images for IYA2009 exhibition to core selection from prototype. [Complete]

April 2008: Details of Liverpool prototype are configured: Selection of images, layout, events, publicity outline. [Complete]

May-June 2008: Final aspects of Liverpool prototype are cemented. "Lessons learned" from Liverpool shared as revealed. Modifications to plan, if necessary, are made. Newly revised plan circulated. [Complete]

June 7-29 2008: Public "prototype" exhibition of astronomical images in Liverpool, UK. [Complete]

July-November 2008: Identification of sites for all levels of image exhibition made. Local organizers contact venues, possible funding sources, potential commercial outlets to produce the exhibit. Local organizers identify specific times for image exhibition to appear. If exhibits are to travel, schedules are generated. Agreements between site locations, funding sources, and local organizers/appropriate IYA entities are made. [Complete]

Fall 2008: Production of image exhibitions in various locations. Advertising and publicity of exhibits begins. Plans for educational and other activities proceed. [Complete]

2009: Image exhibits begin appearing around the world.

From Earth to the Universe Exhibits

International Timeline (see Events Calendar)

Detailed timeline of progressing "From Earth to the Universe" (FETTU) locations. Over 60 countries are in some stage of FETTU progression, whether research only or pursuing funds or locations. This chart represents a large selection of those who are in the actual development phase. [12 February 2010]

Timeline for US Cities (see Events Calendar)