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Vilneus, Lithuania December, 2008 -
December, 2009
At the Vilneus planetarium
up    The Netherlands  
up    USA  
up    Iran  
Chile January, 2009 -
December, 2009
Coyhaique City, Santiago, Culture House of Penalolen, Valparaiso, Culture House of Vicuna, Pisco Elqui Central Square, Culture House of Copiapo
up    China  
up    Italy  
up    France  
Taiwan January, 2009 -
December, 2009
Taipei Astronomical Museum, Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall, traveling to schools
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Denmark January, 2009 -
December, 2009
20 public places in the major cities throughout Denmark
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Estonia January, 2009 -
December, 2009
Largest towns in Estonia (including Tartu)
Lebanon January, 2009 -
December, 2009
Major cities throughout Lebanon (including Downtown Beirut, Khan El-Frendj in Saida, and Tripoli)
up    Bulgaria  
up    Malaysia  
up    Portugal  
up    Australia  
Philippines January, 2009 -
December, 2009
Mall of Asia and the Luneta Planetarium
Ireland January, 2009 -
December, 2009
BT Young Scientist Festival, Dublin (04 Jan-10 Jan 2009), and a traveling exhibit around other cities.
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up    Puerto Rico  
up    Spain  
up    Canada  
up    Finland  
up    Switzerland  
up    Sweden  
up    South Africa  
up    Argentina  
up    Scotland  
Ciudad de la Habana, Cuba March, 2009 -
June, 2009
Havana Planetarium
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The Azores March, 2009 -
December, 2009
Public gardens, town squares, docks in 19 towns throughout The Azores archipelago
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up    La Réunion  
up    South Korea  
up    Venezuela  
up    Brazil  
Israel April, 2009 -
June, 2009
Ilan Ramon Youth Physics Center, Beyt Yaziv
up    Norway  
up    Turkey  
up    Germany  
up    Uruguay  
Panama May, 2009 -
March, 2010
Library of University of Panama, Lobby of Faculty of Architecture at University of Panama, in different schools and public places of the country
up    England  
Wellington, New Zealand May, 2009 -
June, 2009
Waitangi Park
up    Japan  
up    Austria  
Belfast, Northern Ireland June, 2009 -
July, 2009
Belfast Carnival (13 Jun-17 Jul 2009)
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Ljubljana, Slovenia
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June, 2009 -
March, 2010
Park Tivoli (17 June-04 Sep 2009; 26 Nov 2009-15 Feb 2010) and a traveling exhibit (until March 2010)
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up    Bolivia  
Cardiff, Wales July, 2009 -
August, 2009
22 July - 10 August, Cardiff Festival (dates and venue TBC)
up    India  
Zilina, Slovakia August, 2009 -
December, 2009
Public locations all over Zilina self-governing region e.g. parks, squares, main streets, school yards, bus and rail stations
Athens, Greece August, 2009 -
Metro/Underground stations and an exhibition space of the Academy of Athens
Reykjavik, Iceland August, 2009 -
September, 2009
Reykjavík, Iceland, to coincide with Reykjavik Culture Night on the 22 Aug (22 Aug-10 Sep 2009)
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up    Poland  
Bell Village, Mauritius September, 2009 -
August, 2010
Rajiv Gandhi Science Centre
Alexandria, Egypt October, 2009 -
November, 2009
Bibliotheca Alexandrina (01 Oct- 01 Nov 2009), organized by the Planetarium Science Center
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up    Belgium  
Enayetpur, Bangladesh October, 2009 -
World Science Week, 2009 (09-10 Oct 2009)
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up    Russia  
up    Serbia  
up    Columbia  
Kaposvár, Hungary December, 2009 -
December, 2010
Rippl-Rónai Museum (12 Dec 2009-12 March 2010) then traveling to shopping centers and open locations (through 2010)
Lima, Peru April, 2010 -
May, 2010
Parque Central de Miraflores (19 April-19 May 2010)
Hamadan, Iran May, 2012 -
Science and Engineering Faculty of Avecina University (10-20 May 2012)