Goal: taking astronomy out of textbooks and into society

The overarching concept for FETTU is presenting astronomical images in the broad context of science, art,
and culture. By using beautiful imagery, FETTU aims to expose new audiences to the wonders of the cosmos.

Astronomy touches on the largest philosophical questions facing the human race such as where do we come from? Where will we end? How did life arise? Is there life elsewhere in the Universe? Popular images of the cosmos can engage the general public in the science of the knowledge and understanding behind them.

Throughout nature, there is beauty. The Earth is covered with visual wonders and the Universe is full of mysterious splendor. The fantastic images of the Universe are largely responsible for the magical appeal that astronomy has on lay people.

Culture & Heritage
Long before the invention of the telescope, early civilizations invented star patterns and named them after animals, objects, heroes, gods, and beasts from stories and myths. The Chinese New Year, the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, and many First Nations´ traditions and ceremonies depend on accurate observations of the lunar cycle. Jewish festivals and religious holy days are still determined by an ancient, ten-month, lunar calendar. These are just some examples showing the close relationship between science, culture and heritage.