Evaluating From Earth to the Universe Exhibits

1. Visitor questionnaire:

This questionnaire with content-specific and open ended questions uses the 7 item scale, as that is a standard method to compare your evaluation to others. Download Sample Questionnaire

2. Exhibit Observation Sheet:

This sheet helps you gather data about how visitors use an exhibit via "tracking and timing" with an observation form and a watch with a timer/ second hand. Download Exhibit Observation Sheet

This is a simple exhibit observation modified for FETTU. If you have time to observe a few visitor groups, you can get a picture of how visitors are circulating through the exhibit, where they spend time, what makes them stop and read/talk, etc. This can take time if you're trying to measure for each group their total "dwell time" and they're spending a lot of time -- but that's valuable information to have.

Note: Please adhere to your country's policies for informed consent for human subjects research (which this kind of observation falls under). In open public spaces, this may not be an issue but certain locations require human subjects research forms to document the data being collected doesn't harm the participants but rather is a public benefit because of it's use in improving education projects.

The format of many of the survey items in the above document was derived from NSF-funded informal education project evaluations done by Knight-Williams Research Communications.